Resources For the Church

During our Wednesday night prayer meeting we were discussing resources that we use to help us in our fight of faith.  There were many great resources mentioned during the service and I felt like it would be beneficial for the church to share those resources for the whole church to have access to. So we will be starting a new blog series simply called – Resources For the Church that will be designed to highlight various resources to help us fight and fight well.

Since the Word of God is one of the greatest resources this first post will be centered on various resources to help us with our study of the Scriptures.

Olive Tree is a Bible App resource for any device. You can download many free resources, various translations of the Bible, commentaries, dictionaries, and many other resources that integrate as a digital study library. There are many free resources as well as many that you must pay for.  It is one of the most robust software applications available for Bible study, with the ability to create notes, highlight verses, compare multiple translations side by side. One of the reasons why this is app is so valuable is it’s accessibility.  You can carry an entire study library in your pocket through this resource. There are also hundreds of reading plans to help keep you engaged in the Word of God.

Logos is another option similar to Olive Tree that has many different plans depending on how much you want to spend.  Logos users also get a free resource every month to add to their library. is another great resource to read the Bible online.  You can create an account and save notes, and build an online library specifically customized for the ESV bible translation for around $5 a month.

Bible Gateway has been one of the longest standing websites for Bible study that has been on the internet.  Recently Bible Gateway has added a paid member option for $3.99 a month that gives you access to multiple commentaries, dictionaries, maps, study bible notes.  You can also sign up for dozens of different daily devotionals that go straight to your inbox.

Bible Study Tools is another great online resource for bible study.  You have access to more than 20 different translations, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, lexicons, and encyclopedias.

Fighter Verses is a powerful resource if you’re interested in learning how to memorize Scripture. Every week is a different verse and the mobile apps provide effective ways to help you to memorize Scripture.  For those who are up to the challenge there is an advanced option to memorize entire portions of Scripture.  This app comes highly recommended if you’re serious about memorizing the Word of God.

There are hundreds of options for studying the Bible online, these are just some of my favorite tools.  I hope that you will take the time to check out some of these resources and I pray that they will be a powerful aid to your time studying the Scriptures.


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