Oh Praise (The Only One) — Centric Worship ft. Michael Farren

This song, written by Krissy Nordhoff, Michael Farren, and Riley Engquist, highlights four key words at the heart of Gospel: Truth, Love, Joy, and Sound. The way the writers unpack those words—three of which are a description of our Savior, and one of which is a response to what He has done for us—drives us to the Gospel. As you listen, may you hear the truth, may it pierce your heart with the words penned in verse four: “We once were lost but now we’re found, one with Him we bear His Name.”

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CentricWorship exists to provide worship leaders, worship writers and worshipers with songs centered on Him who is the center of it all. CentricWorship was launched in March 2014 as a division of Centricity Publishing in Franklin, TN. The vision began with a question: what would happen if we invited a few worship leaders to a week-long retreat of songwriting in the Cascade Mountains? The result: 18 new songs written in 4 days with 8 of them being recorded and released on ‘ALL THE SAINTS: Live from the CentricWorship Retreat.’


Verse 1

There is no greater truth than this

There is no stronger love we know

God Himself comes down to live

And makes the sinner’s heart His throne


Verse 2

There is no greater peace than this

No other kindness can compare

He clothes us in His righteousness

Forever free, forever heirs



Oh praise the only One

Who shines brighter than a thousand suns

Death and hell call Him victorious

Praise Him!

Oh praise the One True King

Lift it loud till the earth and Heaven ring

Every crown we lay down at His feet

Praise Him!


Verse 3

There is no sweeter joy than this

There is no stronger hope we hold

We are His forevermore

Safe and secure by Christ alone


Verse 4

There is no sound that’s like the song

That rises up from grateful saints

We once were lost but now we’re found

One with Him we bear His Name


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