Fight Music

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” – Martin Luther

What truths are we etching on our souls?

This was a question I was presented with from an article written by worship leader Matthew Westerholm. What is the song of your heart?  We all know that music can be a very powerful tool in our lives.  There are melodies and choruses written and designed to stick with us. At almost any given moment of the day there seems to be a soundtrack of songs that play in the deep recesses of my thoughts.

As a Christian who is engaged in warfare and fighting the good fight of faith, I began to question the kind of truths I was arming myself with. In those moments of life when despair tries to overcome, fear grips my soul, grief floods my deepest, most inner parts, in the daily battles I face, what will help me to fix my gaze on the only true Hope we have?

As we come face to face with difficult moments in life, God has given us a gift in music that helps us to persevere through the fiercest storms of life. There have been times whenever I have felt the searing pain of loss and the words of a song will come to mind. There are many songs etched in my memory that are forever tied to specific events in my life. What we fill our minds with has a greater impact than we might imagine.

Will the songs we sing help us in the fight of faith? Will they remind us of the victory that we have in Jesus Christ? That is what this resource is about; equipping and arming the church with songs that will help them fight well.

These resources aptly titled “fight music” are meant to be a help in those times when we need reminders of the One who rescued us from the depths of sin, and will prayerfully aid us through song to enjoy all He as to offer those who trust in His name helping us fight the fight of faith.”

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